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What It’s Like To Listen to The Wonder Years: The Greatest Generation

Today is the day! The Wonder Years’ The Greatest Generation has finally arrived and you’re ready to grab it at Hot Topic, Best Buy or on iTunes  (http://smarturl.it/TWYTGG_iTunes) so you’re just like..

This is the moment you have been waiting for

So you put on the record and you hear the opening chords to ‘There There’ play and you’re like…

But then that hook comes in and you realize the track is flawless

And you just HAVE to rock out to “Passing Through A Screen Door”

The Bastards, The Vultures, The Wolves? Just definitely became your epic theme song as you walk into school like…

But then you hear the “Came Out Swinging” reference and life it just all

The rest of the album?

“A Raindance In Traffic” just speaks to your inner gigger like…

And that moment where the record closes with an epic 7 minute track that features a thematic arch and impressive medley?

When the last chord rings out on the record you just breakdown because you realize that Soupy has just told the story of your life

But then there is always that one friend that says “I mean it’s good, but it’s just not the record I wanted.” So you’re just like…

And once that’s settled you skip class to spend the rest of your day listening to the record with your true punk friends

So by the end of the day you know all the words and you’re just hardcore dancing in your room like

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