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Hey everyone! My apologies for missing the Friday recap, but here’s a recap to go with your Monday morning coffee/tea/water:

The tour went to Canada last week! We spent America day in Toronto and roadies, tour managers, band members and media crew alike were celebrating while sing-screaming Journey and Queen. I’d insert photographs of that, but I feel as though I don’t have permission to post them. (but if anyone wants to know what they look like: blurry, grainy and men shirtless while wearing American flag shorts. Much American. So love.)

The weather in Toronto and Montreal was absolutely beautiful. Well, I mean until it poured for ten minutes in Montreal and it made multiple people upset (the busses were approximately 1 mile or so from the venue. Not kidding. It was a brutal walk).

In New Jersey I had a heart-to-heart with Tay where I told her I thought she hated me and with a combination of my being sick with an allergy infection, I just didn’t actively try to hang out with her and then I apologized for that. I was also buzzed and I’m pretty sure I made a total fool of myself (sorry, Tay!). But all is well!

 Noted moments:

-Bayside covered The Menzingers in Montreal
-Julian and I started a drinking game for The O.C..
-Neck Deep played on a beach in Toronto! (okay, their stage was on sand, which I’m calling a beach)
-The crowd for We Are The In Crowd in Montreal were my absolute favorite group of people due to how loud they shouted, “You’ll crack just like the rest when I break your fucking jaw.” It gave me the shivers.
-Drunkenly riding bikes back to bus world with Tom Falcone
-Having a drunken heart to heart with Kara Smarsh

 I’m about to head into the city (New York!) with some of the dudes in Air Dubai. Expect a major influx of photographs soon!

Oh! Aaron West and the Roaring Twenties joined the tour yesterday! He had albums for sale but before his set they sold out. Starting tomorrow I will be posting a lot of photographs from my time spent with Dan.

See you all soon!

All the best,



We’ve been hanging out with We Are The in Crowd this summer on the Vans Warped Tour and having a ton of fun. With several early bus calls for long drives in the first leg of the tour, it was the perfect time to get cozy on the bus and give the band a little homework. It’s true, Mike got fork lifted while in a porta-potty that morning, and Tay would eat brussel sprouts for the rest of her life. Wait what? (We’d have gone with pizza.) Have a look at the rest of our Q&A above and check out the Vans tent signing schedule. See you on the road!

Photos: Amanda Rae Stephens