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Got Fan Art?!

Hello there Tumblr Universe!

I’ve gotta’ say, some of you are extremely talented — from making your own merch to asking people out to prom. It’s pretty fancy what you all do! So keep them coming by posting them on InstagramTwitter, or on Tumblr using the hashtag: #HopelesslyCrafting!

Here’s just a few of my ultimate favorite DIY’s and Fan Art of the week. Check it out:

1. Imagine eating Lucky Charms and Soy Milk out of this? (worst pun ever!)


via Instagram: @m0rph_e_us

2. In Love and Death: The Used till the end!


via Instagram: @jennysuazo_16

3. So is that yes i’ll go or a no I don’t want to go with you?


via Instagram: @alannbelloxd

4. Best birthday present EVER!image

via Instagram: @carlieeejaneee

5.  I’d totally love to find those easter eggs!image

via tumblr: period-water

Let’s see what you got Hopeless Fans!

Denise- The Hopeless Intern<3

Alright Tumblr Universe,

We have a mission to fulfill! Alternative Press is presenting its first ever AP MUSIC AWARDS! Where you, the fans, vote for your favorite artist within each category! So here’s your chance to show your favorite Hopeless Band’s how much you truly love them! Our mission from here on out is to vote and spread the word to your friends and loved ones to vote as well! So lets vote for:

  • The Wonder Years: The Greatest Generation - ALBUM OF THE YEAR
  • All Time Low - BEST LIVE BAND
  • All Time Low featuring Vic Fuentes “A Love Like War” - SONG OF THE YEAR
  • All Time Low: Skate4Cancer - ARTIST PHILANTROPIC AWARD
  • The Used: Living The Dream - ARTIST PHILANTROPIC AWARD
  • Bayside’s Jack O’Shea - BEST GUITARIST
  • All Time Low’s Zack Merrick – BEST BASSIT

We’ve partnered with Alternative Press by sponsoring the Artist Philanthropic Award through Sub City and Take Action! So make sure to support the Hopeless artist and show your support for each of them! The voting polls close July 15th! So start cast your vote HERE

Also, catch All Time Low perform live at the AP Music Awards, July 21st at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum via AXS TV!