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Grab Their Style

This weeks “Grab Their Style” focus is on Maika Maile of There For Tomorrow.

Who doesn’t want to dress like him? We can help you out.

1. Shirt- Pennystock Button-Down Shirt: $58.00 from Urban Outfitters

2. Vest- Dark Grey Pocket Vest: $18.98 from HotTopic

3.  Jeans- Guys Midnight Blue Skinny Denim: $39.99 from Glamour Kills

4.  Shoes- Original Classic Era: $42.00 from Vans

Good luck with this look!

Twitpic Round up!

Here’s this weeks twitpic round up.  These are just a few twitpics from some of our bands.

Let us know what you think!

1. This was tweeted by Slade (@AnarborSlade) of Anarbor.  I guess someone had a hard time spelling the band’s name correctly! Either way, we’re excited to see Anarbor on tour!

2. Apparently Taylor (@TayJardine) of We Are The In Crowd has been chilling by the Hudson; lucky girl!

3. Chris (@ChrisTFT) from There For Tomorrow tweeted this while driving to the studio. Who’s excited to hear some new stuff?

4. Alright, so this one is a Retweet by Maika (MaikaTFT) of There For Tomorrow.  He retweeted it from @Clint_Fresh. Awesome Tattoo!

5. Looks like Sean O’Donnell (@SeantoDonnell) of Yellowcard is slightly obsessed with the iPhone’s “Hipstamatic” app!

Looks like the Hopeless bands are busy!

Keep checking back here for more of our twitpic round ups and other features!

Halloween Costume // There For Tomorrow, Diner Girl

For all you girls who want to be Maika Maile’s diner girl from the There For Tomorrow music video for A Little Faster, here are some quick and simple ways to get the look. 

Ticket order pad Party City

Thermal long sleeve Target

Sweet memories OPI nail polish (you can get it at beauty stores but I’ll gave you the amazon link) 

Black Webber apron Bed Bath and Beyond


Black skinny jeans Forever21

you can grab your coffee pot from your coffee maker

All you have left to do is just tie your hair back and scribbling Maika’s name and fake phone number on the diner pads and you should be set.

Disclaimer: dressing up as Diner Girl does not guarantee Maika will come to rescue you, leading to a happily ever after.