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Welcome SycAmour to the Hopeless Records Family

Hey there Tumblr Universe!!

What better way to announce the signing of a new band than with a new video? Head over to our youtube channel and check out the video  announcement for SycAmour by clicking here: http://hopel.es/1htMQGz.

Don’t forget to stream Obscure: La Deuxième EP! (Lets be honest here, that Adele cover is so sick! Gave it a completely different twist to the song!) Enjoy!

- Denise the Hopeless Intern

Hey Tumblr Universe!! 

Well it’s Friday and most of you might be on your way to an awesome show, working the graveyard shift at your job, or stressing over exams and final papers (oh god, the story of my life!) But today I went ahead and roamed around the warehouse organizing some CDs and I stumbled upon these two beautiful gems in the warehouse! How many of you own any of these two records? Can we just admire the packaging for like just a second? (because we all know that the music in it is completely awesome!) Throwing out a Flash Back Friday on tumblr, no shame! Have a nice weekend guys!

 - Denise the Hopeless Intern

Hello Tumblr Universe!

It’s Denise the new Hopeless Intern here, reporting for duty. Here are a few Bayside pictures from their visit to Spacenine15

During their visit, the guys talked about making a skit video to promote Taking Back Sunday’s new album “Happiness Is.” (If you haven’t seen it click here!) Talk about creativity! These guys are full of random tour stories and funny ideas. Not a dull moment when they were here! 

Catch Bayside on last few dates of the Great American Cult Tour with Four Years Strong, Daylight, and Mixtapes.