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A lot has happened since my last blog. Most importantly: the Alternative Press Music Awards were Monday! At first I wasn’t planning on attending because I didn’t factor in award show attire when I packed for the tour, but I set that aside and snagged last minute credentials. I ended up wearing all black with a jean jacket and Vans (in case you were wondering. But I know you weren’t.). Many of us came straight from Warped Tour so it felt weird to be at Warped all day and then spending our off-day at an award show, but my goodness was it fun!

Notable moments (some pictures, some not):

-Enter Shikari being told to walk through general admission which led me to tell security that they were with me and they were doing press.
-Watching the bands reunite with their friends for the night; almost like a high school reunion without the awkward vibes.
-Coolio walked by the Enter Shikari guys and Chris said, “wait, was that Coolio?! Coooool!”
-Ben from Neck Deep performed with A Day To Remember
-Before presenting, Tay from We Are The In Crowd flexed with the skully
-All Time Low won some stuff
-Anthony from Bayside took a photo with Kevin Lyman (what a guuuuy!)
-Mark Hoppus photographing All Time Low on the red carpet.
-Having a day off from the Warped Tour buzz.

There are a few days left of Warped Tour. But we won’t talk about that until it’s time.

See you guys soon!