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Hey everyone! My apologies for missing the Friday recap, but here’s a recap to go with your Monday morning coffee/tea/water:

The tour went to Canada last week! We spent America day in Toronto and roadies, tour managers, band members and media crew alike were celebrating while sing-screaming Journey and Queen. I’d insert photographs of that, but I feel as though I don’t have permission to post them. (but if anyone wants to know what they look like: blurry, grainy and men shirtless while wearing American flag shorts. Much American. So love.)

The weather in Toronto and Montreal was absolutely beautiful. Well, I mean until it poured for ten minutes in Montreal and it made multiple people upset (the busses were approximately 1 mile or so from the venue. Not kidding. It was a brutal walk).

In New Jersey I had a heart-to-heart with Tay where I told her I thought she hated me and with a combination of my being sick with an allergy infection, I just didn’t actively try to hang out with her and then I apologized for that. I was also buzzed and I’m pretty sure I made a total fool of myself (sorry, Tay!). But all is well!

 Noted moments:

-Bayside covered The Menzingers in Montreal
-Julian and I started a drinking game for The O.C..
-Neck Deep played on a beach in Toronto! (okay, their stage was on sand, which I’m calling a beach)
-The crowd for We Are The In Crowd in Montreal were my absolute favorite group of people due to how loud they shouted, “You’ll crack just like the rest when I break your fucking jaw.” It gave me the shivers.
-Drunkenly riding bikes back to bus world with Tom Falcone
-Having a drunken heart to heart with Kara Smarsh

 I’m about to head into the city (New York!) with some of the dudes in Air Dubai. Expect a major influx of photographs soon!

Oh! Aaron West and the Roaring Twenties joined the tour yesterday! He had albums for sale but before his set they sold out. Starting tomorrow I will be posting a lot of photographs from my time spent with Dan.

See you all soon!

All the best,